Buying shoes online, once a hassle has squeezed to a few taps of your mobile screen. In a country like Pakistan, where one has to travel to bigger cities for shopping as a small town often fails to provide a diverse variety, online shopping is more than a blessing. However, consumers still have doubts about online shoe shopping in Pakistan because of the bad experience in the past or listening to the rumors and myths. Let me highlight and address such myths in this post.

Myth 1: You cannot find the right fit

Finding a pair of shoes with the right fit for you is made easier with a size guide. We have provided a size chart for your assistance so that you can convert your feet size for varying sizing standards.
For example, if you have feet measurement in Pakistani or the UK sizing, the chart can help you conclude its exact alternative in European size. As a result, you get the right fit of shoes you would never have to worry about returning them. While doing ladies shoes online shopping in Pakistan or kids shoes online, using the size chart can prove much helpful.

Myth 2: You cannot return the purchased item

You can always return the items you purchase online as the eCommerce works the same way as conventional businesses. Be cautious in online shoe shopping in Pakistan by reviewing their return policy before placing orders. #reliable brands like ours always have consumer-friendly return policies so that you can send the items back if you change your mind. Our 30 days return policy provides an ample amount of time for you to review and decide the return before wearing them.

Myth 3: You cannot pay online

With recent development in financial technology, paying for products online is no more a hurdle. Check with the variety of payment options on the home or payment page of the product you are ordering to find the available options. You can use e-wallets such as JazzCash or EasyPaisa, or use your debit or credit cards having Visa or MasterCard logos. These options make online payment much easier for the buyer as well as the seller.

Myth 4: Variety is out of stock

Meeting customers’ demands is our ultimate goal. We don’t believe in following low-cost inventory management systems such as Just in time that eliminates the possession of the stock. Oxygen Shoes is backed by an absolute merchandizing cycle to ensure all our items are readily available for our valued customers. The seamless syndication of warehouse records with online stores further ensures quick updates of the available stock.

Myth 5: Quality is substandard

Doubt on product quality is one of the major concerns of online buyers. We address it with our highest quality standards for production, finishing, and showcasing them. quality assurance is also made reliable and dependable with our customer-friendly return policies. We use the best quality material for the shoes that follow international sizing charts to prove the best fit for your feet. Choose a variety of finest shoes for your casual and formal gatherings.

Myth 6: What you order is Not what you received in the delivery

It was a fraud that most of the online shops played a few years back. Oxygen Shoes disapproves such a practice by putting images of the footwear that you are going to receive in reality. However, today, the users are smart enough to recognize a reliable store online. They only rely on eCommerce websites that are backed by physical shops and have a local presence. The difference in ordered and received products may also be due to excessive image editing practices. Try our store to find how our prime photography helps in assessing the product quality.

Myth 7: Online shoes are expensive

Online shoes are no more expensive with the expansion of internet usage. More and more footwear have entered the online arena so you have got more options to compare and shop around. Oxygen shoes also rank above the average retailers by offering the finest shoes at affordable prices. If you’re looking to buy shoes online in Pakistan, so Oxygen Shoes is the best choice. We have busted the myth of expensive footwear with an enticing collection for men, women, and kids for various occasions and events.

Online shopping is not something out of this world. All the conventional shopping rules apply to it. the experience you get in return may either be good or bad the way you bring shoes from the brick and mortar shop. for every myth, there is a solution. You need to be smart in recognizing a reliable online store and all the myths will be quashed.


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