Google Developers Group Islamabad, powered by Google Developers has a singular motive of instilling the importance of networking in tech. According to the Google Developers, the tech community should frequently organize interactive events to maintain the tightly-knit nature of the community. In this regard, Google Developers organize an event that has gained popularity on both regional and international levels; GDG Devfest.

Devfest Islamabad’19

Picking up from where they left off, GDG Devfest Islamabad 2019 is ready for its next iteration by GDG Islamabad on 7th December 2019 at NUST, Islamabad. GDG Devfest, as the name suggests, is a Developers’ Festival that is organized with the collaboration of Women Techmakers. The scope of the event is to summon developers, designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and technologists under a single roof. This results in a step further to building a global deep-tech innovation ecosystem.

Moreover, the Devfest will also have different Googlers and Google Developer Experts (GDEs) who will also be joining to share their journey with Google and expertise with you.

Why should you attend GDG Devfest Islamabad 2019?

As mentioned earlier, the primary motive of Google Developers to organize such events is to promote networking. People need to understand that networking is essential for tech individuals. In this regard, events like Devfest prove to be the best possible options for the designers, the developers to interact and engage professionals from different organizations.

The itinerary of the festival includes a variety of different talks, hands-on codelabs, and workshops. The entire workshop and codelabs schedule will promote the use of Google technologies. Furthermore, the event will also feature Devfest’s signature networking brunch and a Women Techmakers panel.

How to join?

All the Developers, Designers, Technologists in the joint-cities, you can register in the event following a simple step of clicking the link and filling out a registration form:

GDG Devfest Islamabad 2019

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