How much budget is required to start a wordpress site in Pakistan?

I have no technical knowledge of setting up a site. WordPress is the easiest to manage and has the lowest maintenance cost.  I have an idea to create a blog in a niche market.

I’m going to hire local talent. What is the average rate for a WordPress web developer in Pakistan? I’m looking for an experienced and talented person, not some newbies.

Junior Asked on August 24, 2020 in Business.
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WordPress website requires no big budget. As far as setup is concerned you need to spend on 2 things first.

  • Register a domain (like
  • Website hosting (the content/site that will be running at your registered domain) with SSL certificate.

Cost for WordPress website Setup

It takes minimum PKR 5000 for the first year and then PKR 3000 (hosting) for the second year, and then PKR 5000  (hosting + renew domain) for the third year and so on.

  • Registration
    • 2 year registration: PKR 2350 or $46 if registrar is foreign. 
      For domain registrant based in Pakistan, a domain fee of minimum Rs. 1175/- per year is charged. But fee is charged for 2 years minimum, so total Rs. 2350/-. For domain registrant or their registrar located outside Pakistan, a fee of $24 per domain per year is charged (total: $46).  Read here for domain selection
  • Website Hosting:
    • 1 year hosting: From as low as PKR 3000 or $20
      It varies. There are several domain hosting providers all over the world and pakistan. Choose the one with good customer support and good quality hosting solution.
  • SSL Certificate:
    • FREE or $8/year
      Its usually comes in a hosting package but you can buy it separately as well. Cost as low as FREE from some providers or $8 from namecheap. Expensive the better. Secures your site from several security related issues.


Cost for WordPress Web Developer:

Well, if you are a little bit interested in managing yourself, the learning curve is really low as its mainly out of the box solution for novice users. You dont need anything extra unless you try to build something specific and for that you would need some web developers help. You can hire a freelancer for that which are available at reasonable rates like $10/hr, see here,


Let me know if you need more information

Junior Answered on October 20, 2020.
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