As we recognize the fast paced development in rest of the modern world, Pakistan is also trying to enhance its systems and governance apparatus with the help of modern technology. I have noticed KPK Government has been working on many projects of Digital Government – given the fact that KPK is one of the underdeveloped provinces of Pakistan and requires huge reforms.

Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has shown commitment and delivered on the slogan of “Agenda of Change” by setting up approachable social service delivery, economic prosperity, and harmony for all strategies. When I went to KPK, I noticed that their government is using technology as their principal weapon to fight back the social and administrative issues of the province. First of all, they computerized, if not all, most of its departments and now they all are using mobile technology to set up proper governance in KPK. Here are few of the significant steps taken by the government to transform the province:

  • Centralized Repository of Information and Services
  • The huge promotion of industrialization to make KPK a hub
  • Initiate an online FIR instead of going to the police station
  • Smart Cards for pensioners of KPK Government
  • Separation of National Accountability Bureau from ruling political party
  • Transparent merit-based hiring and performance evaluations
  • File Tracking System so no more lost files
  • E-Office which will provide a platform for re-engineering the government
  • Biometric Attendance System which should guarantee productivity through
  • E-Health: All over KPK, end-to-end hospital management information systems including patient history Training and a learning agenda for government employees and unemployed IT alumnae on e-governance and market-leading tools and technologies

Why is there a need for Digital Technology?

The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) needs a well-organized form of governance to improve their interdepartmental communication and offer technical support to subdivisions all through the province. As far as I have seen in that province, government departments were applying manual, paper-based processes and operations. This has caused high operational costs and considerable delays in decision-making.

So there was a need for proper workflow automation solution that meets the terms of the Government rulebook. The envisaged settlement was expected to have a centralized information repository and automate file movement to accomplish KP’s fundamental mission of increasing accessibility, transparency, accountability and citizen participation throughout the province.

Digital Governance Strategy for Transformation

To overcome the challenges associated with its current paper-based processes, KPK Government selected LMKT’s premier e-governance and office automation solution, called VO8, across its Directorate of Information Technology (DoIT).

The VO8 implementation serves as a practical solution designed to streamline government processes through automation of file movement and intelligent workflow management. The e-solution comes with a centralized documents management repository allowing for fast and secure retrieval and storage of valuable information. VO8’s enterprise application platform provides for integration and communication with all existing and planned IT systems at the Directorate.

LMKT’s team has worked closely with DoIT to customize and deploy VO8 and ensure a smooth transition from current processes to the new and enhanced, paperless system. Technical training and various sessions were conducted to ensure that the Directorate’s team is well-equipped to manage the system on a day-to-day basis

Bottom line of Digital Governance

If we come to the bottom line, we can see the advantages of implementing digital governance as a resultant are very beneficial for the province. As a third person, I can see the following advantages to the KPK government which are effective due to the success of digital transformation:

  • Gain in operational efficiencies
  • Increased intra-departmental collaboration
  • Improved control and decision-making
  • Increased transparency and accountability
  • Better delivery of government services to citizens
  • Compliance with standards
  • Citizen empowerment through access to information


Ever since the new governance took charge of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, everything has started to go well for the province and its people. The digital change brought in has taken the once demoralized part of Pakistan to the newer heights and made it much friendlier for its people. Yes, Naya Pakistan in KPK has made life more comfortable.


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