The second wave of COVID-19 is all over the world and we already know the problems we all are facing during this pandemic. From socio-financial crisis to collapse of the healthcare system, the world has faced so much in the year 2020. But I think the human race is resilient among all the creatures on this planet. That’s why humans find solutions for their problems in catastrophic conditions also.

Technology is facilitating us in so many ways. And one of its benefits is online services. During the covid-19 pandemic, visiting hospitals and clinics become difficult for patients. Especially for those who are not corona positive but have chronic illnesses. Visiting the hospitals means you are exposing yourself to this contagious virus. But you can’t skip your checkup when you have a chronic illness or some minor illness for which you need the medical advice of a health specialist. For this problem, telemedicine is the best solution. In Pakistan, many healthcare professionals start their online consultation sessions and some digital platforms are also providing telemedicine services. Marham is one of them.

What is Marham?

Marham is the largest digital healthcare platform where you can find, book appointments, and consult doctors. You can visit the doctor after getting the appointment through Mahram or you can get a consultation online. The Marham’s official website has a complete database of 16,000 registered doctors all over Pakistan. You can find doctors according to their specialty, city, and area. The website has a complete list of specialties, services like surgical procedures, disease information, doctors’ timings, and laboratories. The web site has its blog section where you can find health-related informative articles. Marham’s YouTube channel has videos of doctors, where they are giving us their valuable information about different types of health conditions.

Similarly, Marham’s Facebook group is another platform where you can ask your queries from health professionals without any cost. In addition to it, a free Q/A forum is also available on the official website.

Marham’s mobile app is another helpful tool that helps you to use this service through your cell phone. During this pandemic, Marham has provided 100,000+ online consultations to the people all over Pakistan.

65+ Specialties that Marham deals with:

The main aim of Marham is to connect patients with doctors. 16000 doctors are registered with this digital healthcare platform from different specialty backgrounds. You can search the doctors on the website by typing the specialty name.

For finding the best doctors, you can also read reviews of past patients.

How can I find a doctor with a single click?

Via specialty

Marham’s official website, select your city and type the specialty in which you want to consult the doctor, and just click it!

You will see a list of doctors in your city and area. If you any special type of treatment or service, you can also search for it. In each doctor’s profile, you can read his/her fee range, timings, hospital/clinic name, experience and education, services and area of expertise, and reviews.

You have both options to book an appointment for visiting in a clinic or online consultation with that doctor.

Via Disease

You can also search the doctors by searching the disease on the website. When you open that particular disease, you can find the names of doctors who can provide treatment for that ailment.

Via Services

You can also find the doctors by typing the specific service in the search bar. In this way, the list of doctors will come in front of you who can provide that service.

You can also use the Marham mobile app for consulting the doctors.

How is it beneficial?

Telemedicine is the need of our time and Marham is providing it very efficiently and effectively. It helps you in many ways, like

  • Saves you from unnecessary exposure to the virus
  • saves your time by not letting you wait in long queues of hospitals
  • saves your expenditure of traveling especially when you are from remote areas and trying to find a health specialist in urban hospitals, and
  • helps you to find and consult the best doctors

In this technology era, everyone wants to do their tasks and get results within seconds. That’s why the need for telemedicine is increasing day by day. People who are getting benefit from digitalization are more satisfied. Moreover, it is sane to stay at home as much as you can to be safe and utilize online and digital facilities.

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