There are multiple payment solutions that exist in Pakistani market today. These solutions can be categorized in to two groups; Retail solutions and Online. ‘TILL’ payment solution by Easypaisa is primarily aimed for Retailers to use for payment acceptance in shops.

Let’s have a detailed look at it

What is Easypaisa ‘TILL’ and how it works?

A TILL is a 6 digit number assigned to the easypaisa merchants as unique identifier. It is just like bank account number where you can ask someone to transfer funds to. A TILL is a specially designed Push payment solution for Easypaisa mobile account customers. Merchants showcase their TILL number to customers on wall or as table talk. Customer can use that to make payments using their mobile accounts.

How can Mobile Account customers pay using TILL?

There are essentially three methods that a customer can use to pay. 

1- For Telenor Users (without Easypaisa App)

This process is easy for anyone using Easypaisa mobile account. Customers need to dial *786# from their Telenor numbers to access the Mobile Account menu. Once in the menu, they can see the Pay TILL Number option. Going to this menu option will guide customer on each step.

There is a shorter version of the above method as well, you can enter the complete details of payment as part of the dial number. Like this,

Dial *786*5*Till Number*Amount*PIN#

2- For Other Network Customers (without Easypaisa App)

Customer can pay via SMS to 3737 in the following format:



  • TILL Number is the number that merchant has acquired from Telenor Easypaisa
  • Amount is the amount in PKR that customer has to pay against the product
  • PIN is customer’s 5 digit PIN of Easypaisa Mobile Account

3- Using Easypaisa App

Customer can pay via Easypaisa App as well. Here are the steps,

Benefits of TILL Payment

  • No POS machine required
  • Real-time settlement of funds in merchant account
  • All transactions are secured by a PIN code of Mobile Account
  • Customer initiated transaction. Hence more control to customers.
  • Each transaction is processed in less than 3 seconds with 99% uptime guarantee

Pricing & Settlement

  • There is no subscription fee or or set-up charges for merchant
  • Customers is not charged any extra fee for paying at retail merchants via TILL

Sign-up and Usage process for Merchants

  • A new Easypaisa branchless banking account (also called Merchant Account) will be opened for business. This account can be accessed anytime directly from phone
  • Merchant must have a Telenor Sim to receive payments
  • Payments made by customers will be deposited into merchant account
  • To access funds, merchants can use IBFT or Easypaisa provided ATM card. Full step by step instructions are provided once account is Live

How to contact

For any further queries and information on signing up with Easypaisa Retail Payments, customer can contact Retail Payment team at

email: or visit website

Though this solution works only for Easypaisa mobile account customers which is a limitation but given the mobile account penetration is on the rise, the viability of this solution cannot be undermined. Also, online merchants can post their TILL for customers to use without integrating payment gateways as a makeshift solution.

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