Redefine Your Health!

WAIT! You must be thinking that what did you just read? Right!?

Well, you all already have an idea about technology. If not then smartphones are the best and simple example of technology. Now, since we are talking about redefining healthcare, the technology here is stepping ahead in the game of digitization of healthcare. 

The common phrase, “Your health is in your hand” is the perfect depiction of what technology is aiming for in healthcare. 

I am pretty sure that most people do have a vague idea about digital healthcare. But, the first thing that may come to your mind regarding digital health would be some kind of magical sorcery that you see in science fiction movies. It can be pretty much similar to that, but the innovations and digital healthcare are more than just a magical fancy idea. It is such a vast area, as it includes telemedicine, telehealth, high tech gadgets, wearable, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, health trackers, sensors, 3D imaging technology etc. 

But, before talking about the trend and innovation in healthcare, a question might be definitely popping up in your mind as to why everyone is so focused on digital healthcare. If so, read on:

Why Field of Medicine is Important?

Medicine is such a holistic field of “health” and “healing”. It not only includes doctors but other medical and paramedical staff such as nurses and specialists as well. It covers various aspects of health such as diagnosis, accessing, prevention and treatment of diseases.

The main goal of medicine is to find and improve health and maintain the well-being of an individual! 

At present, the recent pandemic has proven how lightly we have taken our healthcare system. From developed countries to developing countries, everyone was affected and it seemed like the world had halted. Putting advanced medical technology aside, people didn’t have the access to basic healthcare services such as consultation with the doctor. This highlighted the dire need for healthcare at the moment. 

Now, let’s have a look at how healthcare in Pakistan has modified itself amidst pandemic.  

Modern Healthcare System

Current times have proven how fast our healthcare system is evolving. From directly visiting the doctor to the “doctor online” anywhere anytime-is more like a dream come true from science fiction movies. If we dig deeper, we’d get to know that healthcare services are always in the process of metamorphosis for better services and as per the situation and the demand of the current time. 

No matter how much society has progressed, healthcare services are the basic right of every human being. Where on one hand the advancement and technologies have made things easier, it has further highlighted that our healthcare needs a proper health-care plan for seamless delivery of health services.

The only way forward for us in healthcare is that we rely on technology. Technology can really aid in improving our lives if we stand ahead of it. If we adhere to this mindset and accept the technology for our own use, it could ring miraculous achievements for mankind.

Digital healthcare can really help us transform the “unsustainable systems of the healthcare” into “sustainable healthcare systems”, in order to equalize and improve the relationship between the patients and the medical professionals, thus providing faster, cheaper and effective solutions to treat various diseases and disorders.

Healthwire- Your One-Click Solution to Healthcare Services is Pakistan’s rapidly growing Digital Healthcare Market. Its mission is to provide easy and quick healthcare services available to everyone throughout Pakistan. It is one of a kind digital healthcare platform. Initially started with a team of a handful of dedicated youngsters with an aim to provide a seamless healthcare system. From practice management software to now helping patients all over Pakistan, Healthwire has come a long way since 2015.

“In order to solve real-life problems, the came into being. The health sector is highly underrated in our country, so this startup has provided an opportunity to touch the lives of others through health products. These products and services aim to make things easier, increase efficiency and improve the lives of others”.

 – Hamza Iqbal- CEO,

Patients can easily get facilitated via both mobile app and website where they can connect with the doctors of their choice anywhere in Pakistan. From extensive hospital management software to free medical consultation to updated health trends in Pakistan, is redefining healthcare. 

Let’s have an in-depth look at the services and contribution of the in Pakistan

Management Software for Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacies and Labs

Keeping up with the digitalization trends and to strengthen health systems, is providing a Health Management Information System to Hospitals. The HMIS aims to empower patients, doctors and hospitals to make practices efficient. 

In the case of the doctors and clinics, Healthwire is trying to improve and optimize patient management to increase the efficiency of the practices. Patients can instantly book an appointment via’s app and web. 

For pharmacies, the management software aims to provide end-to-end operational requirements for the comprehensive services of the pharmacy to streamline the workflow.

This software is a simple, effective and easy solution to improve the patient-doctor experience, optimizing the workflow, increasing revenue opportunities, managing e-health records and in short, all your healthcare services are just a click away. 

Connecting Patients with the Best Doctors of Pakistan

Normally, a visit to a doctor normally starts with a lack or insufficient information, unanswered countless phone calls and long waiting hours just to get an appointment with the doctor. 

In this fast-paced age, no one has the time to spend hours just getting an appointment with the doctor. helps in solving these issues by helping patients find a doctor and then book a free slot within seconds. is basically a free service that enables patients to find a doctor or any specialist from a list of certified and best doctors all over Pakistan. You can easily opt for the doctor of your choice based on credible research, their clinical interests, achievements, credentials, experience and specialities. After this, you can easily book an appointment at any time of the day via any internet-connected device.

Video Consultation with the Specialists

Considering the changing trends and people residing in the far-flung areas of Pakistan, Healthwire has initiated the video consultation service. So, now no matter where you are in Pakistan, you can easily connect with the doctor anywhere, anytime via video consultation depending upon the availability of the doctor.

Free Doctor On-Chat

Now you must be thinking what are the other features that would make a trendsetter in the healthcare sector? Right?!

Healthwire’s one of the main goals is to provide easy and basic healthcare access to the people for this very reason they have on-boarded certified expert “Doctors on Chat”. So, if you have a workaholic routine or travelling anywhere in Pakistan, you can leave all your health worries behind. Free Medical guidance by Healthwire has got your back.

All you need is Healthwire’s app and internet and you are free to connect with “Doctor on Chat”.

Corporate Wellness Program

Not just limited to an individual’s health, has also devised a comprehensive corporate health program known as Corporate Wellness Program-An Optimum Healthcare Solution! With the vision to enhance the employer’s approach towards enlightening the employee’s wellness and health benefits. 

Not only are the employees able to connect with doctors in the minimum charges, but can get medication delivered at home along with the perks of a discount on a laboratory test.

From increasing productivity to reducing insurance premiums and medical healthcare cost, CWP is a complete package for both employers and employees.

Updates on Health Trends

Further extending their services for the betterment of the society and health sector, the social channels and the health blogs of Healthwire are sure to keep you updated with health news, trends and tips to improve your health.

Benefits to the Healthcare System in Pakistan

Healthwire is providing immense benefits in the healthcare sector. Some of which are as follows:

  • Reduced Expenses for both healthcare providers and patients 
  • Save time and money by low medical-care cost
  • Access to preventive care
  • Improved Access to the basic healthcare facilities
  • Convenience and Privacy
  • Increased Revenue
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Reduced risk of illness and infections
  • Digitalization of Healthcare Practices

In this digital era, considering the challenges the health sector faces in Pakistan, digital healthcare is the fastest and safest way to provide healthcare. With the aim to provide a seamless ecosystem of healthcare, Healthwire is pacing forward and stepping up the game of digital healthcare in Pakistan. From a B2B health startup since 2015 to B2C services from the pandemic and till today, is setting a high benchmark for the healthcare services all over Pakistan with a vision to spread healthcare services around the globe. 

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