Skrill, by Paysafe, is an online payment gateway/ e-wallet. It provides basic services of any other e-wallet – sending/ receiving payments & online shopping, etc- but what sets it apart is its simplicity and low-cost international transfers.
You can sign up with an email address. This allows you to receive payments to your skrill account. For online shopping and sending the payment, you, of course, have to connect your bank account.
Skrill also offers to exchange cryptocurrency. Since Skrill is an international organization, which means Pakistanis can use skrill for dealing in cryptocurrency. And it’s completely legal.
But first, let’s answer the burning question

Is Skrill available in Pakistan?

Yes, Skrill is available in Pakistan. They don’t have any physical nor they are affiliated with any local bank. Still, you can receive and send payments from your skrill account in Pakistan.

We recommend integrating JazzCash and Standard Chartered with Skrill because of their vast network and low fees. You can connect any other Pakistani bank as well, but expect the fees to be higher.

How to sign up on Skrill

Signing up works in two sections. At first, you have to enter your email address, country, and currency name. This creates an account with some restrictions. At this point, you can only receive money from another account. The received money can be used further.

Suppose you don’t receive money from someone else. Then what? This is the next part where you’ll have to enter a debit/credit card, phone number, and address. Add money in the account and make transactions from there.

How to send money

With Skrill, you can send money to the following places.

  1. Bank Account
  2. Mobile Wallet
  3. Email Address ( Skrill account)

The process is almost the same for every transaction with just a few tweaks in the given information.

  • Log in and go to Send
  • Choose your desired option- Skrill to skrill( while using email address) and money transfer( for mobile wallet and bank account)
  • Select the country and currency.
  • Enter the amount to be send( 1.15 being minimum).
  • Enter the details of the recipient( bank account or mobile wallet).
  • Confirm and the amount will be sent.

Sending money through Skrill

More information can be found on the Skrill website. It can 2 to 3 days for the payment to be processed and submitted to your bank account. While transfers to a mobile wallet and email are instant.

Bear in mind that this is a standard skrill money transfer, not international money transfer. If you are sending money to a foreign account then you should use Skrill international money transfer, as there are no fees fixed on that.

How to Receive Money

Remember you gave an email address to Skrill during sign up. That email address is your account number for skrill like Paypal. Anyone who wants to send you money can send on that email.
It supports payments from other skrill accounts, bank accounts, and mobile wallets. Depositing money to skrill is free although your bank may charge their fees for sending money.

Withdraw Money from a Skrill account

Withdrawing money from Skrill

Once you have money in your account, the option to withdraw also becomes available. In Pakistan, JazzCash is the only mobile wallet incorporated with Skrill.

To withdraw money, you have to verify the account through the Skrill app. It will prompt you for your selfie, front and back photo of your id card or passport. Your account will be verified in 24 hours.

Once verified,

  • Go to Settings and Choose Withdraw
  • Enter the details of your mobile or bank account
  • Once an account is added. Enter the amount you want to send.
  • Confirm and the money will be transferred to your account.

Mobile wallet transfers take less time and cost less than a bank transfer, almost 5 days faster.

Payment Gateway for E-commerce and SME

Small businesses and e-commerce sites can easily integrate skrill as their payout method. Skrill charges high fees as compared to its competitors but in some cases, it’s the most suitable. In short, if you deal with large sums of money and want more security, then you can consider skrill.

Several advantages of using skrill are

  • Simple API
  • Low processing fees
  • 40+ currencies support
  • Advanced security and anti-fraud structure.



Here is what’s free on skrill
  • Skrill to skrill transaction
  • Adding money to skrill account
  • Sending money to an international account

Here is what they’ll charge you for

  • Withdrawing money to a mobile wallet( 1.45% of total transaction) or bank account( 5.50 euros flat fee)
  • 2% fee for domestic transaction ( same country)
  • 3.99% currency conversion fee

These are the rates for a personal account. Merchant accounts have completely different rates. More details are available on their site.


The range of services offered by skrill makes it a complex option. You should check your needs and then decide if skrill is a good match for you.

For example, travelers and crypto traders might find skrill suitable while a freelancer in Pakistan could not afford the high fees, etc. Pakistan based businesses have cheaper local options like Kuickpay.

For freelancers, with clients mostly based in Europe, might consider skrill for its low-cost international transfers.

E-commerce sites operating cross-borders can employ skrill for their payment handling. Among other options- like Payoneer, Paypal- skrill also stands out. All of it boils down to the needs of your business and it’s nature.

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