Clarity Review Score – Explanation

Clarity Score is a statistical scoring model to find the rating of an app or web service. The model takes into account various data points that we gather at our own to give you the best and transparent view of the service. (We are continuously fine-tuning our model to optimise the performance of our scoring.)

The idea behind is to give a review of your product and help your business gain valuable information of the shortcomings and build a better product. On the other hand, its useful for customers of the service.

Score calculation process is inspired from the maslow’s hierarchy of needs where each stage tells the story of its importance. We have translated the actual theory into our own model and it looks like this,

  1. FunctionalityThe base or core use cases of the service should work.
  2. Reliability: The company is a legitimate registered entity, has taken basic security measures for online data exchange (if necessary),  always up to date & more
  3. UsabilityService is accessible online and offline. Communication is swift. Service Functionality has no resistance in doing the job. Service gives various flexible options. Good UI/UX.
  4. ProficiencyDo more and in a better way. Gives recommendations, has pre-fill forms, supports advanced search & more
  5. CreativityService incorporates helpful integrations in their online presence, payments flexibility, ways of communication & more

The below figure shows these above properties in a pyramid shape. The importance of each stage of pyramid decreases from bottom to top, meaning Functionality is most important while Creativity is least.

There are all sorts of mobile apps and websites and not everyone can be reviewed with same scale. So, we have different measuring data-points for each type. Below is the shortlist of such categories,

  • Delivery Services
  • Games
  • Mobile Apps in general (entertainment, news, utility)
  • Payment instruments
  • ECommerce Stores

& more

Contact us here if you want your service to be reviewed and published with Clarity. Thank you!