The Nest I/O, Pakistan’s most reputable technology incubator is hosting the third iteration of its premium tech entrepreneurship conference, 021Disrupt. The Tech entrepreneurship conference will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of November 2019 in Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi.

Before we dive into what to expect from Nest I/O’s premium event this year, let’s have a look at the archives of 021Disrupt 2018.



021Disrupt has managed to develop a reputable identity in Pakistan’s IT sector. With successful executions in its iterations of 2017 and 2018, people are really looking forward to this year’s conference. Let’s find out what will help 021Disrupt maintain its supremacy amongst other Tech conferences this year.

Office Hours

We have heard “Majority of the startups fail before they make a big break”, but have we ever dug deep to find out the cause?

Most of the time, it is because of the lack of awareness of the market they are stepping into. To eradicate this, 021Disrupt brings startups face-to-face with mentors and investors from the global startup ecosystem. This helps them initiate investment deals and formulate collaborative partnerships. Not to forget, these experiences help them learn a few tricks of the trade from the industry experts.


The initial success of an event is determined by the analysis of the contents of the event. In this case, it can be judged by the interesting and highly-competent speakers line-up for the conference.

A few noticeable Tech personalities to feature in the event are:

Mr. Mudassir Sheikha (CEO and Co-Founder, Careem),

Saba Zaidi (Staff Interaction Designer and UX Manager at Google HQ),

Shane Shin (Co-Founder & Managing Partner / Shorooq Partners).

To find out more about the speakers, visit: 021Disrupt19 – Speakers


The workshops scheduled to be held in this year’s 021Disrupt have been intelligently devised and organized to incorporate the variable needs of an entrepreneur. They will emphasize on providing hands-on knowledge that is relevant and is coming from competent people.

Some of the workshops to look forward to:

Workshop 1 – Mindfulness for Innovators

It will be conducted by Noorulain Masood, Founder of be. She is a producer of experiences on women’s inside-out leadership. Recently, she was working at the World Bank Headquarters on equity and gender.

Workshop 2 – Using Storytelling & Virality to Build Better Marketing Campaigns

Being a digital media consultant, Muzamil Hassan will showcase and exhibit his vast experience in the Digital Marketing Industry and try to instill the significance of Original Content Production amongst the attendees.

To find out more about workshops, visit: 021Disrupt19 – Workshops


If you still haven’t bought your tickets, visit their official website at:

021Disrupt 2019 – Get Tickets

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