Bykea – a ride hailing and logistics service got its database deleted by the hackers.  Bykea CEO Muneeb Maayr said,

the hack did occur, it was business as usual given that the mobility-based technology company has backups in place for this very possible instance.  The attack was caught early on, providing the company enough time to contain it.

The interesting part is, the hackers were trying to mine cryptocurriences by using their data servers, according to Bykea management.

According to the Bykea management, the hacker who was in the system had perhaps panicked and deleted the entire data, though his original intention might have been to copy the data and sell it or elicit a ransom amount from the company. Fortunately, Bykea had data backup which they were trying to restore till filing of this report.

Bykea services were back up late Tuesday night.

The modus operandi is similar to the “meow” attack, which targets dozens of unsecured databases that are exposed on the public web randomly. Once targeted, “meow” overwrites or destroys the data in these databases completely, without any explanation, and some with a ransom note. These attacks have triggered a race by the researchers to track down the exposed databases before they get exploited.

Source: ProfitPakistan


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