Being a good citizen comprises of a number of significant factors. Recently, Gallup Pakistan conducted a country-wide survey. The motive of the Gallup survey was to inquire about people’s opinion regarding the qualities of being a good citizen.


The survey yielded the following results:

  • 44% of the participants think that helping others is the most important quality of becoming a good citizen;
  • 36% of the participants think that the person must completely abide by the rules and regulations of the state;
  • Only 13% of the participants believe that paying taxes is actually the most integral quality in order to become a good citizen;
  • Amidst the reasons, 4% of the participants believe that casting a vote (no matter for which side) is a fundamental responsibility and holds massive importance;
  • While 3% of the participants chose other reasons.

The percentage of people thinking of paying taxes as an integral responsibility is extremely low. This is extensively alarming considering the current financial and economic situation of Pakistan. According to this survey, Pakistan Government needs to take extensive primitive measures to ensure the citizens are drawn more and more towards paying taxes.


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