Just like last year, Google Developers Group – Kolachi is back with its flagship event the GDG DevFest Kolachi. The GDG Developers Festival (DevFest; pun intended), is centered towards a tech-oriented event with speaker sessions, workshops, networking sessions, and more. The catch for the event has been the extremely low registration fee of the event. It is so less, that it is actually free!

So, to all the Devs out there:

Here are the event details. Since there is no entry fee, you must register yourself before the seats run out.

Event Details:

Hey Guru! Go to http://bit.ly/gdgdevfestkolachi19 to actually register yourself for the event!
Venue: IBA City Campus, Karachi
Event Date: 23 Nov, 2019
Event Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Participants: 2

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Why should you attend the GDG Devfest 2019?

Don’t get us wrong, but the event is purely for tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and software developers. You might want to attend it for the purpose of learning, networking, and sharing knowledge among your peers. As they say, what goes in – comes out. You take away a lot of knowledge from this full-day event and believe us, it will be beneficial for you in the long run.

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