JS Bank since its establishment in 2007, has always been prone to advancements and enhancements in the banking sector. Being the major subsidiary of JS Group, JS Bank holds a significance in the country’s economic affairs.

Despite the various enhancements, Pakistan’s banking sector is still behind in comparison with international banks. However, private sector banks such as JS Bank is working hard to change this fact.

To enhance their internet banking, JS Bank is now introducing WhatsApp Self-Service Banking.

WhatsApp Self-Service Banking

The setup process of Self-Service Banking is extremely easy and convenient. Firstly, there is no registration process to use the service. JS Bank has announced the official contact number where you can send a text to initiate your query.

Contact number: +923487003000


JS Bank’s WhatsApp Self-Service Banking is providing the following services:

  • General Information about Bank’s Products & Services;
  • ATM, Branch & JCash Agent Locator;
  • Lodge Complaint.

Although these services are not as many, but the Bank claims that it will be adding a handful of cool features and functionalities for the enhancement of user experience.


In the banking sector, security is one of the integral aspects for a customer. While JS Bank’s customers are fully satisfied with their security, they would want this service to be highly secure too. Luckily, WhatsApp conversations are end-to-end encrypted. Furthermore, JS Bank’s contact number is registered as a Business Account which shows a green badge next to JS Bank’s name.

How to use JS Bank – WhatsApp Self-Service Banking?

JS Bank has announced a list of keywords for initial user queries.

The keywords are as follows:

To Locate nearest JS Bank
User should:

  • Type A1 for Branch Information
  • Type A2 for ATMs Information
  • Type A3 for JCash Agents Information

To get Product Information
User should:

  • Type B1 for Home Loan Information
  • Type B2 for Gold Finance Information
  • Type B3 for Auto Loan Information

For Complaints Feedback
User should:

  • Type C1 to Report a Complaint
  • Type C2 for Complaint & Grievance Redressal Procedure

To get information about Credit Card & Alliances
User should:

  • Type D1 for Credit Cards Information
  • Type D2 for Discounts Information

To get information about Deposit & Wealth Management
User should:

  • Type E1 for Deposit Products
  • Type E2 for Mutual Funds
  • Type E3 for Bancassurance

Who can use Self-Service Banking?

JS Bank’s Self-Service Banking is available for both customers and non-customers to increase the availability of information.

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