Microsoft is on a spree – first going open source with some of its critical codebase to – supporting Google’s most popular stack in the general and professional work environment.

Microsoft is working towards integrating Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive with its app, that enables users to manage email, calendar, and contacts in one place. Given that its an older product than that of Google, its popularity is not at par when it comes to the Google’s one-signin ecosystem for all its services. Its not too late for Microsoft to cash- in on increasing its customer base by integrating with its competitors’ apps.

About integration, its too early to go live at this point in time, but the testing is ongoing as revealed by one Podcaster (Florian B), who has access to this feature,

From this integration, you will be able to add Google account in Outlook and be able to switch back n forth between Outlook and Gmail, but currently it does not support more than one Google Account. Adding more features to this integration set, users will be able to attach files in Outlook from Google Drive. Here are few screenshots of Google integration from Outlook by Florian,

google drive outlook    google drive outlook


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