Recently, TPL Logistics has been marking some noticeable accomplishments for the business sector in Pakistan. With the effective use of technology, TPL has eased a number of bottlenecks along the supply chain. Earlier this year in May, the company had launched Rider, a last-mile delivery service. The aim of the service is to emphasis on working with different e-commerce players in Pakistan. Rider possesses a proprietary digital logistics engine that comprises of delivery and operations software. Based on the various feedbacks by e-commerce platforms, Rider has proven itself to be one of the most efficient and convenient delivery services. Its reason for success resides in its emphasis on solving the multitude of COD related challenges. This is what makes Rider standout amongst its counterparts. As a result, Rider is now a partner of choice for some of Pakistan’s largest online stores and marketplaces.

Rider launches Pakistan’s First Liver Order Tracking Service

After its widespread success in the implementation of state-of-the-art delivery services, Rider is now launching Pakistan’s first live order tracking. Although different ride-hailing services such as Bykea, Careem, and Uber are providing on-demand services with live tracking. But their business model provides a single-point pick-up and drop-off. In terms of e-commerce and last-mile, this solution faces discouragement. Both of them require the delivery guy to pick and drop orders to multiple individual addresses.

An estimate shows that 4 out of 10 online packages in Pakistan, do not reach their end destination. For e-commerce retailers, these lapses coast a lot. The majority of the time, an order is dispatched without letting the customer know. Now if the customer is absent from home, the parcel is likely to be missed and/or returned.

Salman Allana, CEO of Rider, says: “We are here to create a delivery service where customers are in the loop from the beginning to the end. An online shopping experience should be at least equivalent to, if
not better than walking into a physical store. That means transparency, speed and, most importantly, no
frustrating calls for confirmation or directions.”

Now Rider solves the hot problem of liver order tracking by using a multi-point pick up and drop off model. This allows the customers to systematically track their orders’ current locations and know when to be available at their house.

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