UBL Omni, in its effort to digitize Pakistan Railway ticketing service, has collaborated with Pakistan Railways to make the whole ticket booking and purchase process easier, accessible and faster. Through this service any railway passenger in Pakistan can now be able to book and pay for his train tickets via UBL Omni Dukaan, Omni Mobile App or any Debit/Credit Card with ease and convenience. One of the cool part is, you can also make cancellation of ticket according to Pakistan Railway policy.

In brief, the purchase of e-ticket via UBL Omni Dukaan looks like this,

  • Go to Pakistan Railway website (www.pakrail.gov.pk) and book a ticket. It will give you a unique code (Order ID number)
  • After getting the code for Order ID, select payment option as ‘Payment through Omni Dukaan’
  • Go to any Omni Dukaan (find your nearest Omni Dukaan here), and then provide your Order ID number and make the payment against the amount.
  • Upon payment you will receive SMS confirmation from Pakistan Railways which will be used as your ticket.

Lucky for you, if you are a UBL Omni Account Holder, because then you can pay while at home via Omni mobile app. Here are the steps,

  • Go to Pakistan Railway website (www.pakrail.gov.pk) and book a ticket. It will give you a unique code (Order ID number)
  • After getting the code for Order ID, select payment option as ‘Payment through Omni App’
  • Download and open the Omni App (Android), and then enter your Order ID number and payment amount and execute the transaction.
  • Upon successful completion of the transaction, Pakistan Railways will send a confirmatory SMS to the passenger. The SMS will contain the ticket number, coach number, seat number, CNIC number of the passenger, and date and time of the train. The SMS will be treated as a ticket.

UBL Omni Pakistan Railway E-Ticketing (Urdu)

About Omni

Omni is an innovative banking lifestyle for the masses that only requires a mobile number and CNIC number in order to open an account and conduct basic financial transactions like, money remittance, cash deposit and withdrawal and utility bill payments. The Omni Mobile App is a secure and easier way to use Omni’s services.

Find more about the E-Ticketing service by UBL Omni here

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