Facebook is all ready to jump in the market, to steal the business of Tinder and the likes. Mark Zuckerburg, CEO of Facebook, has announced the release of this dating app at an annual developer conference.

According to the CEO, the main purpose of this app is to build “long-term relationships” instead of some measly hook-ups. It will also share some features with Tinder, which is going to become its biggest rival now in the given domain.

A safe and opt-in App

Keeping in mind the safety and privacy of users, the Chief Product Officer has called it “safe”. This, however, depicts that despite the rise of scandals regarding their privacy policy, Facebook is still ready to tackle all of these small hurdles.

Separate from the regular Facebook

In this new feature, the dating profile; which consists of only first name, a few pics and some of the personal details will be separate from the regular profile of the users. To suggest potential love interests, matches will be made according to the user’s preferences,  common interests, and mutual friends, with the help of an algorithm. Howbeit, this app will, neither, be pairing the users with their existing friends on the regular profile, nor any information from the new app will be shown on their newsfeed. This matchmaking app will be a completely different social media presence, having absolutely no ties to the existing profile.

Unlocking Feature

Mingling is now easier than ever. The most useful and intriguing feature of this app is the “unlocking” feature. The users of dating app will be able to look and follow the local events or in a way ‘unlock’ them. If the user is attending an upcoming event, the other attendees of the event will be visible to them also.

Other Features

Also, the dating profile will be visible to only those who are opting to avail this service, ensuring the safety of the data and information provided. For the users who get successfully matched and are willing to have a conversation, there will be a separate messaging service which will not be connected to the Facebook messenger at all.

Though, Facebook dating app can easily become a game winner among the others. The social media giant already has a pre established audience who is hooked to the facebook and will definitely try to make use of this feature too. Also we can not forget the fact that many of the rival dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid and Bumble use Facebook to drive data for matching the users. These apps get access to the pictures, bio data and mutual friends of users that are provided on their Facebook profile.

However, the owners of these dating apps are not yet worried. They have also praised this new feature by calling it a ‘de-stigmatizing’ idea which can attract many of the new users to the dating apps. In a good way or bad, we don’t know but if Facebook is ready to infiltrate the space, it will surely have a huge impact on the future of these dating apps. For instance, in our country, where people aren’t even sure about the availability of Tinder, this new feature will prove to be a lot more fascinating.

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