Internet of Things and Automation (IOTA) Pakistan is a SaaS-based company. The digital world is progressing towards software automation at an insanely quick speed. As a result, IOTA emphasizes on bringing digitalization and revolution in Pakistan’s market through the awareness of IoT products. The interesting thing about IOTA Pakistan is that it has a widespread domain of customers ranging from general public (B2C) to industries (B2B). As per the company’s manifesto, the company plans to focus on automobile, energy, healthcare, and industrial manufacturing. IOTA Pakistan is still a developing organization that recently launched its first product in the automobile sector, known as Drivitix. The domain of the product revolves around car maintenance that inculcates live-tracking, security, maintenance, and diagnostics of vehicles. Furthermore, Drivitix also offers detailed driver behavior analytics that lets you evaluate a driver’s credibility and progress through analytical statistics.


Drivitx uses the OBD-II ports of vehicles that allow the device to gather all the user-specific information. It also allows the device to effectively maintain user analytics such as driver behavior, trip analysis, optimized fuel consumption, and maintenance. The machine learning and AI protocol implemented in Drivitix provides both predictive and preventive alerts to the driver. How does this help? For instance, if a driver has a constant bad rating against its daily trips, it is prone to the accident in 2 months. So the owner needs to educate the driver about the lapses and ensure any future inconvenience can be avoided.


Upon our request, Drivitix provided us with a demo account to test and experience their application and be able to provide a more detailed analysis.

Add Vehicle


The first and foremost after setting up an account is to register/add a vehicle in the application to initiate the tracking and maintenance protocols.



As mentioned above, the device provides both predictive and preventive alerts to the user via the mobile application. Drivitix’s mobile application has a dedicated alerts section that maintains the logs of all the alerts to keep track of all the alerts that have been sent to a user. This helps both the user and the application to keep track of the user analytics and monitor the current status of the driver/vehicle.

Driving Behavior Analysis


Driver Behavior Analysis is an integral tracking mechanism that intelligently monitors the acceleration and deceleration instances of the driver. Moreover, it flags sharp turns, over-speeding, and fatigued driving which can be improved by proper education. These analytics, if used wisely, can effectively reduce the probability of accidents by improving the driver’s driving abilities.

Mileage and Fuel Consumption Analysis



Mileage and Fuel Consumption Analysis provides an authentic and figurative analysis of fuel consumption which can help the planning of a vehicle’s monthly fuel and maintenance cost. The Fuel consumption window in the application provides thorough details about the daily, weekly, and/or monthly mileage. This will help the owner of the vehicle to evaluate the performance of the car and increase the productivity of the vehicle.

Registered Vehicle Details


You can maintain the details of an already registered vehicle by editing the license plate number and the mobile number attached to it. However, the device number is unique and cannot be altered.

Vehicle Detection Metrics


Drivitix has the following metrics that account for the vehicle’s status. The device has maintained different systems such as endurance system, idle system, cooling system, emission system, etc. that manage the current stats of the vehicle and grade the user’s car out of 100.

Vehicle List


The Carport window displays the list of registered vehicles on the Drivitix as a single account allows the maintenance of multiple cars at once.

Vehicle Real-Time Stats


In this fast-paced world, data gets even more precious if it is being processed and consumed in real-time. Drivitix provides real-time status of the vehicle that displays the battery health, engine speed, airflow, temperature, etc.

Vehicle Trip List


Lastly, Drivitix also maintains a trip list that contains logs of all the recorded trips. The trips are recorded since the registration of the vehicle on the application. This allows the user to easily track the fuel consumption of the car, trip-by-trip.

We would strongly recommend you to try this application out. You should opt for their trial version to test and experience the aesthetics of the service.


You can download the app from the links below:

Android, iOS.