What is Shoppingum?

Shoppingum is Pakistan’s biggest online shopping search engine, with more than 2.7 million products from 170 plus online stores in Pakistan.

Shoppingum has thousands of categories, covering almost everything that is selling online in Pakistan. Shoppingum is not only a search engine, but it also helps the user to find the best prices of any product from all stores in Pakistan just in a fraction of seconds. It aims to revive and lead the e-commerce industry in Pakistan. It wants to become ease not only for the buyer but also for the seller and help build a relationship of trust between the buyer, seller, and store.

Save time to find the right product from authentic sellers in just few seconds

How Shoppingum works?

Shoppingum collects the big data available on the internet using data-mining and machine learning techniques and classified the data so it can be useful for the user.

Shoppingum has introduced the smart search first time in Pakistan, which enables the user to reach their desire product in no time even if they make the wrong query.

Shoppingum has deployed machine learning algos, which reads the behavior of the user and find the human response to relevant results and showing the most relevant results to the user just in a fraction of seconds.

Shoppingum has also given a compare button on each product, and this button works like magic. Like for example if your search for a ‘trimmer’ and you finally choose to buy a specific model of the trimmer, this compare button helps the user to search that particular product across stores in real-time, helping the user to find the lowest price and the most recommended product in no time.


Problems Shoppingum is solving

Shoppingum aims to solve multiple e-commerce problems in Pakistan. The e-commerce industry is growing in Pakistan, but Exponentially. This is due to the significant e-commerce problems in Pakistan.

Firstly, it is a very challenging and time-consuming process to find the right product from the right source. Once the user finds his desired product, he is not sure about the authenticity of the vendor selling it, and ultimately the consumer suffers.

The top online stores in Pakistan are marketplace, and these marketplaces don’t ensure the credibility of the vendor selling the product. Ultimately the consumer ends up being the victim of false information, fake products, and highly-priced products.

Here comes the Shoppingum solving most of the e-commerce problem of the e-commerce industry in Pakistan.

Shoppingum merges all the stores at once place, which helps the user to save time and make it hustle free to hunt the right product just in few seconds. It also helps the user to get rid of the overpriced product.

Team behind Shoppingum

Muhammad Bilal Jamil

Muhammad Bilal Jamil is the Founder and CEO of Shoppingum and graduated from GIK in 2019, and He is also the technical lead of the company. 

Syed Ali Abbas Haider

Ali is also a GIK Graduate and Chief Marketing of the Company. He has vast experience in digital marketing and launched several successful social media campaigns. He was also labeled as the social media king in the marketing industry by the Daraz CEO.

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