The importance of data in our lives is not talked about enough. Data Center, in layman’s terms is like currency or an asset for the individual and the soul of a business.

A decade ago, a USB with 1GB data might have been enough to meet the demand of an individual for keeping documents and family photo albums but now, an external hard drive (passport) of 1TB is barely enough to meet the needs of an individual. As far as a corporation or a business unit is concerned, the demand for data and data storage is a million times more. Why? It helps maintain records, get undisputed conclusions, aid in informed decisions, finds solutions to problems, simply improve productivity and outcomes, shore up business growth and improve the lives of the users.

In the era of big data, the internet of things (IoT), and with ever-increasing trends in data usage, any entity that generates or uses data has the need for data centers on some level including telecommunications companies, financial institutions, educational institutes, government agencies, retailers of all sizes from small shop owners to tech giants such as Google and Facebook. Lack of fast and reliable access to their data could potentially mean the inability to provide vital services or loss of customer satisfaction or revenue. In fact, most businesses typically rely heavily on the applications, services, and data contained within a data center, making it a focal point and critical asset for day-to-day operations. Data centers are complex combinations of various devices and equipment, which at minimum serve as the principal repositories for all manner of IT equipment, including storage, servers, networking switches, routers, and firewalls, as well as managed cabling and physical racks used to organize and interconnect the IT equipment. A data center also consists of adequate electrical and cooling infrastructure, including switchgear, uninterruptible power supplies, batteries, backup generators, power distribution units, and precision cooling units along with sufficient provisioning for network connectivity.

NADRA has installed a highly secure, reliable and scalable data center that has become a benchmark for other companies. The need for robust data centers is essential as the digital dividends of such technology innovation will yield positive results in contactless banking, financial inclusion, ease of doing business and e-governance initiatives by offering remote identification and e-KYC (electronic know your customer).

Jaffer Business Systems, being one of the largest data center integrators in on country offer’s a great deal of experience with respect to data center installation and implementation with a strong foothold in every industry and backed up by a team of certified functional and technical consultants. Jaffer Business Systems has opened up a new paradigm of data center services taking on projects related to data efficiency/PUE Improvement. In one such attempt, JBS partnered with one of the leading telco giants where the project’s goal was to eliminate the HVAC inefficiencies in their Tier III Data Center and to bring their data center at par with the established industrial norms and to also make it cost-effective. The project achieved more than a 100% return on investment, which saved 100 million for the telco giant. Other local players such as PTCL and Jazz have also launched cutting-edge cyber security services for their corporate customers.

The data centers need a team of experts and consultants that recognize the demand of every business with its uniqueness and therefore require a unique strategy for housing their critical data processing equipment. This is why each data center deployment includes a complete facility assessment. Consultants work directly with each client to ensure an individualized design plan that considers the company’s business objectives, fiscal constraints, long-term goals and IT growth model for the hardware equipment.


Ahmed Salam
(Data Center Specialist, JBS)

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