This year for Ramadan, Google has introduced bunch of new and innovative features in google search and other services. To make things easier for 1.7 Billions Muslims around the globe, Google has made certain modifications in the search engine, to make the access of information regarding the Ramadan easier for its users.

Customized Search Experience

With Ramadan comes different schedules and different need of information. For this, Google has made a new and special tool for Middle East, North Africa and Indonesia’s inhabitants. When you will search Ramadan, this tool will be made available. For prayer timings to Aftaar recipes, everything relevant to the holy month will be customized locally.  

As the search for recipes and cooking videos spike in Ramadan, these recipes can be searched directly the Ramadan Search Experience.

Based on location, if enabled in your browser, google search for the keyword ‘Ramadan’ will show Sunset times and dates for start & end of the month. In addition, if you search for Ramadan paired with Country name, it will give more context information based on it.

Ramadan as Keyword in Google search returns start and end of the month
Sunset time suggestions based on your location

Qibla Finder

Whether you are using mobile or PC, qibla finder helps you, based on your location, to accurately show you the Qibla location. It draws a straight line between your location and that of Mecca so that you can align yourself towards Mecca direction.

Here is the URL to try out yourself,


Greeting Cards

Just when Mufti Munib ur Rehman announces the appearance of moon, our cell phones start buzzing with Ramadan and Eid greetings. Similarly, greeting cards also become a trending topic before, during and after Ramadan. People are always wondering about an appropriate way to wish their loved ones. Google hasn’t ignored this necessity too and has launched “Qalam”, to help create personalized messages to share in Ramadan.

Google has also collaborated with nine calligraphy artists from around the globe to create more than 35 different Ramadan and Eid greeting styles. With the help of Qalam, we can now customize and share our 3D cards with our family and friends.

This is awesome, go try yourself and create one:



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