Receive orders fromAny electronic medium (Facebook, Whatsapp, Email, ...)
Payment methodsThree methods
- Credit/Debit Cards
- Easypaisa Shop
- Mobile Account
Fees3% - Credit/Debit Cards
2% - Easypaisa Shop
1 % - Mobile Account
Client types supportedAny (local/international)
Merchant SignupMerchant Signup (setup duration 2-4 weeks)
Contact Support | 111-003-737 | 3737 (Telenor)

Request2Pay is yet another innovative feature by Easypay for small merchants who do not have proper website with e-commerce platform. Its pretty amazing – the more your know, the more you like it, especially if you are a startup.

Request2Pay allows merchants/sellers to receive payments from their customers from anywhere using any communication medium, irrespective of whether they have an ecommerce solution or not!

How ‘Request2Pay’ works?

The idea behind this solution is that merchant/seller himself books order on behalf of the customer. The Request2Pay portal enables merchants to create orders for their customers and send them secure payment request link. Customers, on opening that link, then pay using any of the three Easypay payment options. 

This is how the process flow looks in detail:

  1. Customer places order on Facebook page, Whatsapp, Twitter, Phone or any other medium
  2. Merchant receives the  order request and creates the  corresponding order in Request2Pay Portal
  3. Request2Pay portal generates a secure payment request link for the order
  4. Payment request link is then sent to customer via SMS and EMAIL
  5. Customer clicks on the received link and gets redirected to the checkout page where he can pay using any of the available payment options within Easypay
  6. Merchant views the transaction status of the order in the portal to see if it is paid or still pending
  7. Merchant dispatch the order items, once the payment is completed.

In simple words,

  • Customer, after placing an order, receives a link that takes it to Request2Pay portal where payment can be done at ease. The link will expire after set duration of time which is mentioned in the SMS that customer will receive.
  • Merchant, after receiving a request, creates an order on the portal and sends the link to customer. Once customer has paid the amount, the merchant dispatches the order.

How merchant creates an order and generates a payment request link?

Below is the form, used by Merchants to enter customer information with its order details in order to generate a secure payment request link.

Its also possible to create a single payment order or to place multiple orders in bulk for multiple customers as well. For bulk orders, the merchants need to upload a payment file in a specified format and the Portal will send out secure SMS and e-mail payment links to all the customers.

What customer sees on opening the payment request link?

After customer receives the link by email/SMS, he clicks it and sees the following interface with three payment options,

These payment options work exactly the same way as they do on any website that has easypay gateway integrated.

Who can benefit

Small scale merchants, who do not have proper e-commerce solutions developed, can benefit a great deal from this portal to collect payments from their customers. Its also useful if you have to generate an adhoc payment request for a previously failed or expired transaction.

You don’t need to spend money on fancy solutions or hire developers to do technical integrations. Though, it’s not as sophisticated and smooth as having a gateway on your website but it’s an excellent opportunity for many of those who are operating on small scale.

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