This article is intended for someone looking for payment gateways to accept digital payments in Pakistan from national and international customers.

MCB banks is one the pioneers of digital payment services in Pakistan. Its products and services in domain of online payment acceptance, merchant acquiring and POS based payments are known and well appreciated in the industry.

This article is about their Payment Gateway eGate that online businesses can integrate in their website and apps to accept payments digitally from credit and debit cards.

Prominent Features of eGate

  • Quick and easy integration
  • High uptime for maximum reliability
  • PCI-DSS and 3D Secure compliant for maximum security
  • A Merchant Portal to view transaction details and history of your transactions
  • Round the clock local support
  • Fraud Risk Management team to monitor transactions and investigation of fraudulent activities

Supported Payment Schemes

MCB payment gateway supports VISA and MasterCard enabled debit and credit cards for national as well as international payments. eGate supports Internet Transactions, MOTO and Card on File.

How to register for eGate

The easiest way to reach out is through submitting your request at . There is a detailed form that you need to fill in in order for the team to understand your business and its requirements well.

How does Integration process work

  1. Once you get in touch with MCB team, they have a preliminary discussion call about your needs, request you to submit few documents as per your company / business status.
  2. During the documentation and account opening phase, they provide you with integration guide to integrate and test the solution on your website / mobile application.
  3. Once the integration is completed and documentation vetting is done, live credentials of your account are provided to you and your business is ready to accept the payments across the world.

Turnaround Time

  • For vetting of your documents once you submit request for integration, it takes 5-7 working days. This time also includes account opening
  • For refund it takes  10-14 business days from the time claim is received

What is better in MCB PG than other ones in Pakistan

When asked MCB team about the differentiation of eGate compared to other gateways in Pakistan, this is what they had to say, “Technology has reached a level where almost every firm can provide you with “state of the art” gateway. The actual problem lies in not receiving daily operational support from them. This is where we have edge on other players in the market.”

“We have dedicated Fraud Unit which is in close liaise with the top executives of associations like VISA and MasterCard to help our merchants in risk & analysis of business as well as educate and strengthen their digital payment knowledge.”

“Talking about solution, we are currently providing advanced and 3D secure internet payment gateway solution by MasterCard – MiGS. An amazing and country’s first fraud prevention tool to be coupled with upgraded and latest version of the payment gateway – “MPGS” will be available to our merchants by Quarter 2 of 2018.”


eGate rack rate starts from 2.9%. However, this is negotiable and can be lowered based on committed volume.

There is a monthly PKR 3,500 charge on accounts and a sign-up & integration fee of PKR 40,000 (negotiable)

Prominent brands using eGate

MCB payment gateway is being used by famous brands like NISHAT, KHAADI, FOODPANDA HOMESHOPPING and DOMINOS. Around 350+ merchants use MCB payment gateway in Pakistan.

Got any query?

You can contact the team at

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