This article is intended for someone looking for payment gateways to accept digital payments in Pakistan from national and international customers.

UBL is Pakistan’s one of the largest private sector banks. In 2017 Pakistan Banking AwardsUBL was declared Pakistan’s ‘Best Bank for Corporate Finance & Capital Market Development’. Often termed as best bank when it comes to branchless banking, it boasts an agent network of over 42,100 Dukaans.

This article is about their online payment gateway, termed as UBL IPG (UBL Internet Payment Gateway). The aim of this article is to help online businesses integrate UBL IPB in their website and apps to accept payments digitally from credit and debit cards.

Prominent Features of UBL IPG

  • PCI-DSS and 3D Secure compliant for maximum security
  • Rapid and easy integration
  • High uptime for maximum reliability
  • A Merchant Portal to view transaction details and history of your transactions 24/7
  • Fraud Risk Management team to monitor transactions and investigation of fraudulent activities
  • Merchant Logo on payment page
  • Expert local centralized merchant operational support team

Supported Payment Schemes

Card holder can use any Visa and MasterCard issued by any bank whether locally or internationally for making payments to the merchants.

How to register for UBL IPG

The easiest way to reach out is through submitting your request at and our team of experts will contact you for smooth on-boarding.

How does Integration process work

  1. Get in touch with UBL team, who will gather your business requirements

  2. During the account setup phase, the responsible team will give you integration guide.

  3. Once the integration is completed and documentation vetting is done, live credentials of your account are provided to you and your business is ready to accept the payments.

Turnaround Time

  • For vetting of your documents once you submit request for integration, it takes 5 – 7 working days (subject to availability of all required documents).
  • Integration takes 2 to 4 weeks depending on technical capability of the merchant’s team or technology partner. The integration itself is hardly a half day job.
  • For refund it takes 7 business days from the time claim is received

What is better in UBL IPG than other ones in Pakistan

  • Pakistan’s 1st 3D secure payment gateway. Launched in 2013.
  • The payment gateways provides more or less the same features, the differentiation is created by dedicated team to make the merchant’s onboarding journey smooth. This is both pre and post go live stages.
    • Pre Go live such as documentations, integration, bank account opening etc
    • Post Go live stages like refund, chargeback and bank account reconciliation etc


  • MDR (merchant discount rate) upto 3.5% + FED (federal excise duty) of transaction value or as per agreement.
  • Membership fees upto PKR 50,000 + FED per annum or as per agreement
  • One Time Merchant Setup fees upto PKR 40,000/- + FED as per agreement
  • Refund / Chargeback 0.78% + FED per transaction or as per agreement

Prominent brands using UBL IPG

UBL Internet payment gateway is being used by famous brands like Air Blue, Pakistan Railways, PTCL, SECP, IBA and Junaid Jamshed. Around 100+ merchants use UBL internet payment gateway in Pakistan.

Got any query?

You can contact the UBL team at

Leave your comments of your experience of UBL Payment Gateway in the comment section below.

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