Embrace yourself for year 2017’s one of the biggest event that is going to take place in Karachi on 4th November. Organized by NEST I/O, a well known Incubation center by PASHA, the event 021Disrupt Conference is all about startups, crypto-currency, fund raising and networking.

Excited to participate in the event, here are 5 things that I’m looking forward to in the event in no particular order.

1 Office Hours

This is a chance to meet in person with representatives and mentors from some of the world’s biggest Venture Capitalist groups like 500 Startups, Wamda Capital, The Abraaj Group and Golden Gate Ventures. This can be a life time opportunity for some of the lucky startups, who get to meet these guys and impressively pitch their idea. I would like to see who actually makes the most of this opportunity.

2 Workshop from co-founders of Pakistan’s first Bitcoin Exchange Platform

Danyal Manzar and Zain Tariq are some smart brains behind blockchain based startups Certify.pk and UrduBit.com, Pakistan’s first bitcoin exchange platform. The talk is expected to be practical and hands-on since both the speakers have practically demonstrated the power of this technology themselves. Workshop content suggests it will be about how the blockchain technology can  be applied in many real life industries other than cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain 101

3 Storytelling Workshop

Storytelling skill is a must for every startup founder as its about selling your idea. The workshop content promises to help attendees not only with the selling part but also in generating ideas for their startup by learning the skill through audio and visual aids. You will learn how to make your thoughts flow smoothly while brainstorming.

Workshop will be conducted by Tazeen Hussain who is Assistant Professor at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture.

4 Workshop on legal issues of investment

This workshop is focused on legalities of startup investment. What things need to be considered while signing a deal, how to keep control on your startup while bringing investors onboard. This is a critical subject about which unfortunately there are not enough resources available to learn from.

I would say this workshop must not be missed by any startup looking for investment. The talk is to be delivered by Mubariz Siddiqui who is a lawyer himself and a co-founder of Wukla.

5 A talk on Artificial Intelligence

Aptly titled “Artificial Intelligence: The Revolution Has Begun”, talk is to be led by Khurram Khalil Jamali, the country Lead Pakistan at Google. This is an area that I think hasn’t yet been even practically focussed in Pakistan. So, this is going to be interesting to see what insights and future predictions Khurram Khalil has to share with the audience.

What do you think about the event and what do you expect to learn from it. Feel free to share your thoughts.

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