A much needed and interesting discussion on digital payments was hosted by two individuals seemingly unrelated to the payment industry. Asfandyar who considers himself to be a student of Retail & E Commerce teamed up with Badar, an ex Google country Head for Pakistan to help create awareness about the available options in the realm of digital payments in Pakistan. Discussion panel was joined by veterans from the payments industry who briefly talked about their scope of work to update the viewers about what is happening in the country.

This is an extremely insightful discussion and if you are interested in the digital payments landscape, here is the wealth of information.  To give a summary of what should you expect, here is the list of topics discussed:

  • What are currently available payment gateways in Pakistan and instruments that are supported by them?
  • What are the challenges faced by merchants in payment gateways integration?
  • What services are being offered by Keenu for merchants to enable them to accept digital payments?
  • Macroeconomic view of digital financial inclusion in Pakistan
  • How Easypaisa is building trust of its customers by providing them secure payment options?

There are many payment gateways providing services in Pakistan but when we talk to entrepreneurs we see lack of awareness about available digital payment options in the country
Aisha Moriyani, JS Ministry of Commerce

Watch the full discussion here,

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