Foree Pakistan is developing as a premium payment solution system in the country. The company delivers e-Identity, e-Governance, and payment solutions. The basic aim of the organization is to aid the country’s economy by solving the issues of Financial disclusion and delivering Social Economic Justice.

It is a service of ForeePay Private Limited.

Since the company is a recent startup, it was waiting for approval to initiate its services from the State Bank of Pakistan. Now, SBP has allowed Foree to start providing their payment services in Pakistan.

According to the company, Foree is a mobile payment platform. The service provides the user with the ability to make payments using the following:

  • CNIC Number,
  • Email Address,
  • Facebook
  • Foree Address (Virtual payment address),
  • Mobile Number,
  • Twitter Handle, and
  • QR Code.

Foree Pakistan’s main focus is on the deliverance of efficient payment solutions to all kinds of businesses. While large scale businesses find it easier to use other alternatives at competent and strict business restrictions, it facilitates even the smallest merchants. Its aim is to regularize digital payments even in small scale businesses without the need for any expensive POS machines.

Knowing your target audience before initiating a service is one of the most integral aspects of a business model. Foree Pakistan emphasized the number of cellular subscribers. With over 150 million cellular subscribers, the services have a valid chance to get instantly regularized in the business sector. Furthermore, the country has approximately 70 million 3G/4G/broadband users and an approximate of 60 million working bank accounts.

On the basis of these statistics, Foree is aiming to spread maximum awareness regarding digital payments in Pakistan.

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