Summit Bank now sets to raise its bar as an organization that offers digital banking. Customers can now shop at any EasyPay enabled website and then pay using Summit Bank ATMs or Internet/Mobile banking. 

EasyPaisa, a product of EasyPay is a payment service provider that offers its users services by using software. The user can avail a rich stack of payment services such as payments made by credit cards, debit cards, online banking or simply making use of its NFC facility.

Since Pakistan is still lagging behind many countries, which have advanced payment getaways, many rural areas in Pakistan solely rely on EasyPaisa as a reliable source of bank transfer. By this joint venture, Summit Bank is striving to eliminate dependencies upon legacy, costly, and complex systems by allowing a more stable, secure and yet a thinner layer between man-to-machine interactions.

EasyPaisa boasts of having more than 70,000+ access points for its consumers all across Pakistan. From here, customers can easily make use of the many services offered by Summit Bank.

If the website is configured with EasyPay, all you have to do is verify the details, select your payment procedure (real-time payment instead of cash payment on an EasyPaisa outlet in this case) and you’re good to go! Remain stress free as automated verification notices and a secure bank transfer is sure to follow

As the payment procedures have now been made possible with credit and debit cards, over the span of two years there has been a phenomenal rise in online transactions and internet banking. New methodologies are just about to be introduced with more rapid usage.

Below is the step-wise procedure to do Easypay payments using Summit Bank,

Pay via Internet Banking
At the online shopping website checkout, select the option to pay through Easypay. The token number will be shared with you through SMS.

  1. Sign in to your Summit Bank Internet Banking.
  2. Select Bill Payments from the menu on the left.
  3. Under Utility Type, select Online Shopping.
  4. Under Company, select Easypay.
  5. Click the button that says “Other”.
  6. In the Consumer Number field, enter the token number you received through SMS and click Get Bill.
  7. Verify the payment details and enter your FPIN.
  8. Confirm the transaction to pay the token.

Pay via ATM
At the online shopping website checkout, select the option to pay through Easypay. The token number will be shared with you through SMS

  1. Visit any Summit Bank ATM.
  2. Select the Utility Bill Payments option.
  3. In the Billing Company Category menu, select Others. On the next screen, select Online Shopping.
  4. In the Company menu, select Easypay
  5. Select Unregistered Consumer. Enter your token number and select Continue to make the payment.

Read more here: Summit Bank – EasyPay Token PaymentEasypay

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