Pakistan’s #1 Telecommunications company, Jazz has been at the forefront of initiating technological advancements in the telecommunicational sector of Pakistan. Following the recent radical technological enhancements in Pakistan’s tech ecosystem, Jazz is stepping in to pitch its most recent share. It has set up a cutting-edge usability testing facility known as Jazz XLR8 Xperience Hub (Xperience Hub).

Currently, the National Incubation Center houses the Xperience Hub. The facility will enhance the usage analysis for the UX developers to further rectify the currently negligible minute changes. It consists of the most advanced eye-tracking technologies. The classic usability testing methodologies — wireframing, prototyping, user interviews, customer surveys — are extremely elaborate. However, eye-tracking is something that focuses on minute details and provides the much-needed depth in analysis. It allows the UX designers to capture real physiological insights about their testers’ conscious as well as unconscious behaviors.

“As digital leaders, we do more than just run a viable business. This lab is proof of Jazz’s customer-first agenda and fulfills our promise of providing ease to our 60 million+ customers,” said Aamir Ibrahim, Chief Executive Officer at Jazz, after inaugurating the Xperience Hub at the NIC.

Xperience Hub is the first of its kind facility which depicts that Jazz has and will always put the importance of its customers’ experience at the forefront.

How will Xperience Hub be helpful?

The Xperience Hub is designed to serve as the much-needed innovation in the process of improving user experience. The lab will include global techniques to yield the required results for the betterment of user experiences on digital platforms. Furthermore, it will act as a key facility provided to Jazz Xlr8 startups under the company’s group-wide “Make Your Mark” program.

“Internationally, usability testing is considered to be one of the best ways to gain insights about an existing or early-stage design of a product. Through the Jazz xlr8 Xperience Hub we can gain customer insights with interactive mockups or nearly finished products using best-in-class eye-tracking and heat mapping technologies” said Aamer Ejaz, Chief Digital & Strategy Officer at Jazz, while talking about the facility.

Usability testing is the process of constant evaluation of a product by testing it on relevant product users. User feedback is the driving force in the product’s development stage.

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