Here is the step by step procedure of Limited Company Registration in Pakistan:

Step 1: Click on the link and open the page to login/signup


Step 2: Create Login (National / foreign). Simple form will be required to signup.

Documents required for creation of login:

  • For Pakistani National: CNIC/Email/Phone No
  • For Foreigner: Passport/Email/Phone No

(A code will be sent on provided PhoneNo for verification.)

Step 3:

Application for company name reservation before Securities and Exchange commission of Pakistan (SECP). There should not be any name resemblance to any other registered company and should not be against rules. If there is no objection on name, it will be reserved within one working day. Availability of name can be checked at SECP NameSearch Service

Step 4: (For foreign Nationals only)

You will require to get NOC from Pakistani embassy in your country if you are not Pakistani (being a foreign national). can provide you the required format (if needed). Time depends on you at this stage.

Step 3:

Once SECP reserve your company name, then Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association along with related information, NOC and other forms shall be required to submit. All these documentation will be required to procced further. It takes only two working days especially when done by a professional. can connect you with for professional service provider, Contact us here with subject “Need professional for Company Registration

Step 4:

After reviewing the submitted documents, SECP will issue company incorporation certificate. And if there is also a foreign national director / subscriber, SECP will send your NOC to Interior ministry and will get final approval. Once they get approval, SECP will issue company incorporation certificate. Only one working day required at this stage.

Step 5:

Issuance of National Tax Number (NTN) from Federal Board of Revenue. This is for tax registration purpose. FBR issues it on same day. But if foreign national is also part of company, first, you will need to get personal NTN(s) of foreign national(s). It will take one day only if all documentation is completed.

Step 6:

Opening of bank account. It can also be opened in one day.’s professional service provider can assist in this as well depending on the contract.

Step 7:

Submission of Annexure 7 by Auditor confirming transfer of share capital. At this stage, you will transfer your share capital. It can also be done in same day.


Step 8:

Sales tax registration, detailed procedure can be requested from us.

Step 9:

Registration with Pakistan Software and Export Board. It takes upto 1 week.

Step 10:

Chamber of Commerce registration: At this stage, all the issued documents will be submitted and this process require almost 2 weeks.

If you need Corporate expert to handle your registrations, contact us.

For all the above, will connect you with a professional service provider, Contact us here with subject “Need professional for Company Registration“.

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