Ever heard of a co-working space?

While your startup is in early stage or incubated, the one important requirement you have is the place where all team members and partners can come and work together. Usually, startups operate from their founders’ homes but at times homes do not provide the conducive environment. Renting out a place in commercial hubs can be really expensive along with hassle to manage it operationally.

That’s where the concept of co-working space kicks in. A group of people jointly rent out a place or someone manages a place that startups can rent out as per their needs on affordable prices. The Hive is one such co-working space that offers a place for startups to rent out along with availability of basic amenities.

The Hive

Located in the capital of the country, The Hive was founded in January 2016. It was built to cater to the needs of entrepreneurs and freelancers who need a working place with basic amenities at reasonable cost.

The two bright minds behind this fantastic idea are Muhammad Abdul Wajid and Owais Zaidi. According to Zaidi: 

It is a community space for the promotion of entrepreneurial musicians, artists, freelancers and small companies.

This is the first project of the duo but they plan on expanding their concept and build nine more The Hive premises across the country.

What do you get?

The workspace at The Hive boasts of multiple facilities, rated as excellent when we talked to start-ups availing these services.  

The Hive offers:

  • High speed broadband with redundant Ring Fiber
  • Training and event discounts
  • Commercial Printer/Scanner/Copier
  • Reception Services/Mail Handling
  • Board Room/Meeting Room
  • Affiliate discounts with Legal/Tax/Accounting/Equipment suppliers
  • Enterprise Grade ICT Infrastructure
  • Power Backup

The founders have worked hard to create a high tech environment for the entrepreneurs. A number of new features have been introduced to help the young minds relax and work according to their requirements.

The Fun Bit: Musical Jam Sessions

Musical jam sessions have also been introduced on a weekly basis. This program comes under the title of ‘Sound Check’. While it serves to entertain visitors at The Hive, it is also a new way to bring out the undiscovered young talent. Owais Zaidi describes it as

Fun while working, and working while fun.

Best part

The best part of any co-working space and especially The Hive is the kind of people you interact with on daily basis. These people come from diverse backgrounds with lots of energy and creativity, that helps boost motivation of everyone around and is a source of inspiration for new ideas.



Rs. 1500

per day

Monday through Friday access to open workspace with conference room bookings available.

Rs. 7500

per week

Schedule company events or meetings on a regular basis. Snacks and drinks available for free.

Rs. 19500

per month

Get a dedicated working space for a permanent use. Meeting and conference rooms are available.

The Hive Office Space

Here are some beautiful office-space pics that you don’t wanna miss them.

If you want to work at this fun place check out the website http://thehive.pk/ or contact The Hive at info@thehive.pk.

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