Making an appearance in the expanding circles of entrepreneurship and tech-business, NSPIRE, brainchild of NETSOL, now stands as one of the leading incubation hubs situated adjacent to NETSOL office in Lahore.

NETSOL CEO Salim Ghauri, an entrepreneur himself wants all tech-savvy folks to experience the richness of expertise one gains as an entrepreneur.  NETSOL believes that the younger generation should be well equipped with the much required technical skill set through insightful mentorships; an environment naturally generated at incubation centers.

Since 2001, NETSOL has been delivering extensive, cost effective IT solutions to their clients worldwide and has earned a respectable name for itself in the industry. Now, NETSOL aspires to share its competence with young generation to help them set up and grow their businesses.

Speaking on the launch of NSPIRE, Mr. Salim Ghauri; CEO and Co-Founder of NETSOL said:

“There is so much talent in Pakistan.  It just needs to be given an opportunity. We need to provide a place where young people can convert their dreams into reality. NSPIRE is NETSOL’s initiative to build Pakistan’s first company based incubator in Pakistan.

What does NSPIRE offer?

NETSOL strives to enable emerging businesses to speed up in their ventures through mentorship, training, shared infrastructure, investment opportunities and other professional assistance.

It offers:

  • Free office space for 2-4 team members
  • Access to high speed internet -24/7
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Telephone services
  • Startups also get shared access to IT and administrative infrastructure of NETSOL.

Most importantly NSPIRE offers advisory of experts with hands-on experience of setting and running businesses. Not only that, it offers vast exposure to possible future investors as NSPIRE is located strategically close to NETSOL

Previous Successful startups by NSPIRE

NSPIRE has currently graduated two batches and is now accepting applications for it’s third batch.

A recent venture by Nspire was Startup Gig, where student were given the opportunity to interact with the pros by conducting educational workshops in several university campuses.

These workshops focused on how to cultivate a sustainable business idea, recruit the best for your team, the do’s and don’ts of startups and valuable tips on financial management and marketing.

Notable startups which have successfully escalated the business ladder include, Kitaab Khana, ShopDesk, TutorCITI and others.

Are you eligible?

Eligibility criteria to apply as a startup at NSPIRE means having a sound perception of a scalable idea where the team meticulously works on the pre-defined agenda keeping in mind all the dynamics involved with the business associated, and adapt, reorient and adjust receptively.

NSPIRE offers five-month incubation period, bi-annually. NSPIRE accepts applications only through the official website.

Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions always apply and so, NETSOL regards itself as an initial stakeholder of 7.5% in all the startups coming on board. Moreover, NSPIRE does not offer any stipend to startups.

The realization that our educational, government and private sector must keep up with the dynamic global economy, made the pioneers of NSPIRE to transform it from a dream into a  reality for many talented individuals across the country.

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