Despite being one of the four thriving capitals of the country, people still assume of a primitive settlement when it comes to Peshawar. The misconceptions about it being unprogressive has still a long way to be erased from the minds of the common folk.

To sketch a picture that shows Peshawar’s economy and literacy standard in a positively cumulative status, the emergence of incubation centers such as Revolt, will definitely add a vivid hue to the canvas.

Revolt is a business incubation program by Peshawar 2.0, a social enterprise aimed at building a startup community in Peshawar.

Situated at Basecamp; a popular community center on the bustling Nasir Bagh Road, Revolt claims itself to be a “startup factory”. Perhaps because it believes in mass churn out of startups, businesses, ideas and making many dreams a reality.

What Revolt Offers?

With the intent of revolting (obvious pun) from the typical startup norms, Revolt claims to differ from its counterparts by margins. Encouraging a partnership environment, at Revolt, everybody and nobody’s the boss. Here, a sense of cooperation and teamwork is fostered to make sure everyone contributes and no idea is left unheard.

Revolt boasts of a structured network of Angel Investors throughout Peshawar who invest in businesses that are in Pre-Startup and R&D stages. These investors have their interests in varying fields such as Education, E-Commerce, IT, Hardware & Software, Finance, Business and Law, Retail, Technology, Media, Publishing, Biotechnology and Telecommunication.

They maintain a curriculum that is constantly evolving to make sure that it is in compliance with the latest requirements; updated to leave no stones unturned in order to give their best to an idea.

Who can apply?

Basically, anyone.

Well, not “anyone” anyone; applicants need to have an out-of-the-box idea that is sustainable enough to be pursued, can have sufficient sales and should generate a profitable revenue in near future.

Another integral requirement is a well-rounded team that is already working on the product. The product may be in the process of being launched or may already be in the market.

How to apply?

You as a founder or a team can submit the application with your idea here,

URL: Application Form Link

Multiple applications are also welcome. Deadline for online application is until 23:59 November 1, 2017.

The Perks of Being a Member at Revolt

For the three month incubation program the participants become a close-knit family.  Revolt believes that a 12 week period is ample enough to make or break your startup. With weekly office hours, meetings and dinners are part of the usual actions at Revolt. Teams are also exposed to in-house training sessions and special lectures by guest speakers.

Notable Works

Graduated Startups from Revolt include BERA, a startup which aims to reconstruct the age-old hand crafting of the Peshawari Chappal into an innovative form.

My Social Studio, another startup, is a web-based graphic design tool to easily create posters for social media.

Lastly, Snapeey aims to be the ultimate platform to connect local artists with foreign buyers.

For more information visit their website


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