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Application Deadline23 July, 2017
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Contact+92-51-844-3333, +92-51-844-2222
Plot 24-B, St. 6, 1st Floor, National Information Technology Board, H 9/1 Isb

Situated in the serene outskirts of Islamabad, stands a sophisticated-looking building; the National Incubation Centre which is to become a future stronghold for startups. Headed by the public – private partnership of Ministry of IT & Telecom, National ICT R&D Fund, Jazz & TeamUp, The National Incubation Center endeavors to polish the idea of entrepreneurial and marketing aptitudes of members working in any area of expertise.

Equipped with the state-of-the-art infrastructure, a classic interior and recreation spots, NIC boasts of incubating numerous startups since its inception.

Zouhair Khaliq, Cofounder of Teamup says,

In Pakistan, where an overwhelming percentage of the population is below 25 years of age, the potential of these young people to influence the future of our country, the region and the world is huge! For any country to develop and eradicate poverty, deprivation, and disenchantment, we need businesses and entrepreneurs to influence economic growth and provide the bedrock of a stable, growing economy. The National Incubation Center will help entrepreneurs to create groundbreaking technologies and businesses which will dramatically change the future and make a difference in people’s lives.

What NIC can do for you?

NIC being one-of-its-kind not only welcomes varying startups of their own nature but also assures that each team is working within its comfort zone. Teams are facilitated with the basic necessities such as technical assistance, free office space, computer and internet services, phone and fax. Not to forget, Jazz also offers some of their services free of cost and others at discounted prices.

Comfort and convenience is the norm here; flexible office hours are stressed upon so that each startup may grow by its own agreeable way.

Glad tidings to those aspiring entrepreneurs based elsewhere than Islamabad! NIC also allows virtual startups to work with them if such businesses find relocating to Islamabad a pricey option.

However, NIC offers no stipends to associated startups. Moreover, Seed investment is offered to certain qualified startups at the National Incubation Center by program partners.

List of startups mentored by NIC

NIC has many exciting startups on its portfolio such as

 and many more.

The Jazz Bit

Startups under Jazz have an advantage of getting connected with millions of potential consumers under the huge market influence Jazz can provide. Also,businesses under this wing are set to be more advanced with digitized online transaction facility, data analytics, and the latest API’s.

If you’re a startup with a cutting-edge idea, you can even be chosen for Seed Funding!

The inside track

NIC aims to build a strong collaboration among industry players and to find solutions to technological problems locally. This will benefit NIC and startup teams by usefully utilizing their full intellectual potential

Taking full advantage of HEC’s equivalence for Patents in Publications, NIC encourages teams to obtain patents for their work.

Moreover, the incubator promises relentless technical support from amongst the best as mentors and researchers by the sharing of NIC equipment and laboratories, thus giving a chance to develop the high technology value added products in Pakistan and to get related socio-economic benefits including import substitution.

Apply Away!

National Incubation center is open to everyone. The selection of candidates takes place in two stages:

  1. Filtering out the applications
  2. Interviews of selected candidates

NIC doesn’t prefer individuals based on references. The process is transparent and selection is done by panel of experts.

The next cohort will start in end of July and will be finalized in August. Visit website for more details

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